Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hey! I live in the US and I am a girly girl that loves the colors pink, blue, and purple. I just started doing swaps so comment me if you want to swap with me! xoxoxo love kelsey

What i swap
i will get whatever is on ur list. i dont want to write down everything i can get because it would be very long so dont base me on what i can get in the list below thats only if u dont have a list or dont know what you want
Books/ magazines in English
Souvineirs from town state and country
food and candy
make up
What i want
Culrural Dresses
purses and bags
Charms for charm bracelets
What i dont want
Anything innappropriate
Childish toys> barney wiggles spongebob
Anthing generic that i can go out and buy


jean said...

would love to swap im in england , here's my blog get in touch if you fancy swapping

jean x

Pamela said... hi if you're interested to swap just email me! budget around 60 SGD, approx US$40.

naddy! said...

hello nadine here
i wld really like to do a swap with u
drop me an email (:

Karen Callora said...

I would love to swap with you. If you're interested, please email me at I could get you something you'll love from the Philippines.

Cindy said...

Care to swap? I'm from Singapore... Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon

GirlyGal said...

Hiya Hun,
I saw you on gimmie and would love to swap with you :)
I al also VERY girly so it will be so much fun shopping for you :)
Anyway email me on if you Fancy it :)
Hope to hear from you soooon xxx

GirlyGal said...

Ahhh i forgot to tell you that im 22 from London LOL xxx

Francesca said...

Hi, im an italian girl 27 years old! Do you wanna swap with me?

Katie Westwick said...

Hi! My name is Katie and I am currently living in Taiwan though I'm moving to Singapore at the end of this month (July). I am very, very interested in trading items with people and would most definitely be up for trading items with you! Please contact me at with your response! Thank you very much for the time!

sanford tira said...

Hello, I am Tahitian I live in French Polynesia and I wish to exchange with you, here is the link to my blog and if you are happy to leave me a comment below. Thank you in advance